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May 16

A 90-year success story

LUZI fragrance compounds is celebrating its 90th anniversary.



90 years ago Hermann Luzi founded a business for "commercial trade in perfume compounds, essential oils and non-toxic colours" that was to become the cornerstone for the success story of LUZI fragrance compounds. Since 1952, the entire share capital of the company belongs to the Altenburger family. This was when Eduard Altenburger took over the company and started to specialise in the creation of fragrance compositions.

LUZI enjoyed continuous growth and constantly expanded its business into new countries. After experiencing success in Europe and the Middle East, the company started to develop the markets in Latin America and the Far East. Over the last five years, LUZI has opened three international sales offices and branches.

Which is why LUZI's 90th anniversary is also the dawn of a new age for the company, not only in terms of the current establishment of production facilities in Asia and the planning of further branches abroad. "We are looking forward and intend to celebrate our centenary with the same spirit," says Chairman of the Board Dr. Rolf Altenburger. Over 100 committed and dedicated employees as well as the owner family, with the upcoming generation already active in the company, are all working together at the headquarters in Dietlikon.



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