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Apr 19


“In the quest to satisfy Asian consumers’ delicate and demanding noses, fragrance houses in the Asian region have come close to perfecting the “technology of fragrances” catching up closely with our European counterparts. Another important factor about fragrance is culture as well as geography, as consumers in Asia certainly have unique and different tastes and preferences. The Asian Fragrance industry is predicted to almost double over the next 5 years. LUZI Malaysia has to ensure that it is always well equipped and prepared to meet these lively and bustling demands in the perfumery creation for the Asian world.” Urs Eggen, CEO Malaysia


It is indeed our honour and privilege to welcome on board our Senior Perfumer Luqman Hakim to our LUZI family from March 2019 onwards.
Luqman was born and raised in Central Java. About 25 years ago, by “accident” he encountered the perfumery world and there is no turning back since then. The world of scent captured his heart and soul so overwhelmingly that he immediately knew that perfumery is his true passion. With more than 20 years of being a perfumer, his experience covers the area of the Asian and African fragrance markets. Luqman’s area of speciality is in the home care and personal care ranges. He is a lover of a variety of art, enjoys sports and his passion is lifelong learning.


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