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Jun 19


Our philosophy states that we take responsibility for our actions. LUZI fragrance compounds supports sustainability, which includes tackling the issue of palm oil.

Palm oil has become part of our daily lives – around 50% of all products in the supermarket contain palm oil or a derivative of it. You’ll find it in everything from food, such as bakery and confectionery products, to shower products, face creams and perfumes.

Unfortunately, many issues surround the cultivation of palm oil. Destruction of the rain forest, slash-and-burn land clearance and human rights abuses on plantations are some of the biggest problems.

Despite these issues, the cultivation of palm oil is not inherently bad. Palm oil has the highest yield of all the oil plants. In comparison to rapeseed oil, the yield by acre is three times as high.

Due to global criticism of palm oil cultivation methods, various certification systems have been developed over the last few years. RSPO is dedicated to ensuring the sustainable cultivation of palm oil.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for LUZI fragrance compounds to completely stop using palm oil. However, we are nonetheless making our contribution to sustainability: we are a member of the RSPO, and preparations are now underway to make sure that all our products get RSPO certified in the near future.

Bild_RSPO-(2).jpgQuelle: FONAP, Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil:

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