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Jan 16

annabelle - Prix de Beauté 2016

Every year annabelle is presenting its beauty award "Anna" to the best new beauty product launches within 24 categories, such as "the best prestige hair care product" or "the best popular fine fragrance for men".
The jury consists of cosmetic experts, dermatologists, editors and readers to represent the opinions of a broad Swiss audience. This includes our socially active senior perfumer and member of the executive LUZI management Marc Daniel Heimgartner.

"It is always a pleasure to work in various specialist panels for this annual project. Even more, to have the opportunity of  interactive exchange of insights with experts from other fields in the cosmetic industry and to evaluate new product innovations in our market. It is a fun way to stay connected and up-to-date."
Marc Daniel Heimgartner

Pictures from the "Anna" Beauty Awards Ceremony 2016. Courtesy of Andrea Monica Hug.

About annabelle

annabelle is THE magazine for women in Switzerland. It deals with everything of relevance to the life of a Swiss woman - from kids to career, from fashion to friendship. And is pretty savvy with it, as well as looking great.

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