In 1926, the company's founder Hermann Luzi laid the cornerstone for the company's current success by establishing the LUZI values in which he passionately believed: customer-oriented, creative working that is always looking for something new without forgetting anything of its past. Today, we combine our deep-rooted understanding of quality with trend-setting ideas and innovative thinking.


Each of our fragrance compositions is created to touch your senses and to arouse your emotions. This is only possible with the right combination of creativity and technical expertise. We develop unforgettable scents which in turn create unforgettable moments for our customers.


We support you in marketing issues and keep you abreast of all the latest market trends. We are also happy to advise you in the technical sector too: we will provide you with information on the ever more complex legal regulations and help you to find the perfect solution for your company.

Swiss quality

Our products are manufactured to the high standards customary of Swiss quality. We guarantee safety, an excellent service culture and outstanding quality.


We put great emphasis on providing the best service and maintaining our standards. Our international expert sales team is able to support you in collaboration with carefully selected partners around the world. This is how we can guarantee service tailored to customer requirements and react flexibly both to the local and global demands of our client's markets.

Creativity, competence and quality

LUZI fragrance compounds is a family-owned Swiss company that specialises in the development of unique scents for fine fragrances, personal care, home and air care. Our scents are carefully created to contribute to the success of our clients' products, always considering the latest trends and innovations.