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Our vision is a world full of beauty and sensual fragrances that positively touch the senses. Creativity, as our highest asset, contributes to our vision every day - according to our commitment: Creativity touching your senses.

We master the craftsmanship of perfumery to create high-quality fragrances. In doing so, we aim to inspire communities around the globe to emphasise their individual beauty. Trust in people and long-term partnerships are the source of our success. Since we live significantly from the wonderful gifts of nature, a sustainable behaviour is essential for us.



Creativity is our greatest asset to master the craftsmanship of perfumery. Our creative department is dedicated to conceiving ideas with ambition, design them with passion and realize them with devotion to detail. We are people who love what we do and want to transform the fragrance industry by always delivering state of the art creations with exceptional performance.


The source of our success is our trust in long-term partnerships. With the reliability and quality of Swiss culture in synergies with disrupting creativity, we aim to always confound expectations, despite the complexity and urgency of the order. The satisfaction of our clients is what makes us act for today but always thinking of tomorrow.



We are a family company rooted in tradition. We focus to deliver Swiss quality work from the idea to the final fragrance along the entire supply chain. By only using the best raw materials and by consistently blending in nature, precision, innovation and knowledge. Our Swiss quality is reflected in all what we do so that our partners and consumers can rely on us absolutely.


LUZI management and all employees are aware of the environmental performance of its products and activities. We continuously challenge our business processes through the entire value chain and maintain sustainable growth. We are committed to make perfumery of tomorrow more responsible, for LUZI, its clients and partners.

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